Evangelical & Teaching Team

The Evangelical Team is the foundation and core of Covenant House. The team meets regularly to intercede for the church, community, city, state, country and others. This special set are our watchmen and stand in the gap in prayer moving heaven to act in our lives, and stopping hell from interfering in our destiny. They also pray with those who just made the most important decision of their lives: accepting Christ.

Also, they offer prayers for the sick in expectation of the move of the healing power of Christ to take place. As part of God’s call on our lives, we as Christians are to go and preach the gospel to ALL. At Covenant House, the Evangelical Team leads the preaching and spreading of the gospel throughout the community and to the outermost part of the earth. From imparting knowledge to the congregation via Sunday School and Bible Study teachings, sourcing and organizing outreach programs, the Evangelical Team takes charge in the churches soul winning mission.
Praise and Worship Team

Our praise and worship ministry encompasses original music written both by our team members and external gospel musicians. This anointed group of youthful musicians ushers the congregation in radical, spontaneous praise and worship as we exalt our Most High God.

The atmosphere changes as God inhabits our praise and worship – truly, the song selections inspire a new sense of hopeful expectation and purpose of our soon and coming King, Jesus Christ. Come and be a part of the powerhouse of the church by joining the praise and worship team!
Media Team

Lights. Camera. Action. Are you a tech guru? Or are you interested in learning the ins and outs of our audio-visual functionality? Join the Production Team!

This ministry is responsible for print design, publication, communication, advertisement and marketing for all services, programs and special events. Our group of creative geniuses also manages and packages the distribution of all audiovisual coverage, taped announcements, montages, lighting/direction and archiving of all services, programs and special events at Covenant House.
Visual Arts Team

Perhaps you’re gifted in dance interpretation or would like to hone your drama/acting skills… Our Visual Arts Team impacts the congregation through quality Christian themed dance choreography, drama, video and musical production.

Guest Services Team

Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, take attendance, help find the best seats available and make our visitors feel right at home. Join this group of social butterflies in becoming that friendly and most memorable face a newcomer identifies with.

Operations Team

Come Our God is a God of order and holiness. The Operations Team comprises of numerous functions in keeping the church organized, clean and running in an efficient manner.

From assisting with staff projects, church decorations, creating/maintaining the nursery schedules, administrative tasks for various events, and being diligent custodians/”sanctuary keepers” of the house of God by handling the upkeep of the church and its environment…Covenant House is sure to operate with excellence.